• #AutonomousWall Project was founded January 22, 2019 by Mike Trout

    A Global Border Security Solution via the Blockchain

  • Video # 2 of 3 "AW Data."

    AutonomousWalls are coming. Who will own your AW data?

  • AutonomousWall is a foundup. Foundups are open decentralized transparent startups on the blockchain that are owned by their stakeholders. They become Decentralized Autonomous Nonprofit organizations (DANOs) which return 100% of their net profit back to the foundups ecosystem for launching, scaling and supporting more foundups that may become new DANOs ushering in Social Capitalism.

    The only way to save our planet is by ushering Social Capitalism via the blockchain and DANOs.


    An invisible smart wall to keep the undesirables out!


    The Autonomous Wall project is a Decentralized Autonomous Nonprofit Organization or DANO. Every American has a vote on it, whether you contribute or not to our crowdfunding campaign. All you need to do is download our dApp that will run on any PC or Smartphone.


    Founder Mike Trout (right) - pictured here with V. Buterin at the 2016 DEVCON2 Shanghai.

    In 2011, Trout worked with Bitcoin Magazine Founder Mihai Allisie, sharing his IP on the Open !nnovation Framework that he put in the creative commons in 2012. 

    Trout's Journey to foundups.

    • 1994 Founder Southern Shakepeare Festival, Tallahassee. According to the Tallahassee Democrat over 20k attended its inaugural year. It is still running today with over million attendees. (Trout's 1st foundup) 
    • 2001 A founder of the The Digital Arena - Online Gaming Venture 2004 Launches EDUIT - Autonomous Education Initiative 
    • 2007 Launches WikitubeTV - created first playlists and auto steaming website using YouTube API - fails to secure funding 
    • 2008 WikitubeTV validated by YouTube after sharing vision with exec via elevator/Metro pitch in DC. 
    • 2009 Trout asks question "Is the startup launch model broken and if so how would be fix it?" - starts deep diving into startups. 
    • 2009 Launched Foundups 1.0 - "A founder with an idea for a startup" 
    • 2010 Develops the DAO idea or that he called Open Corps the end result of a foundups in the Open !ncubator/!nnovation Framework (O!F). Foundups become "Open Startups Anyone Can Join"
    • 2011-12 Shares O!F IP with Mihai Alisie founder of Bitcoin Magazine and proposed using bitcoin/blockchain to build O!F. " ."I want to show you the next web paradigm for not only for launching ideas but the way we interact on the web. I am the creator of O!F." Alisie "Your vision completes what we are setting up" 
    • 2013 Trout pivots Foundups to permaculture principles add 3 tenants to Foundups: Help Planet, Living Systems and Share. And changes "!ncubation to !nnovation" ! = decentralization innovation or bottom-up. whereas i = centralized or top-down innovation.
    • 2014 Trout asks Ethereum to be acknowledge his work. Liability Mihai Alisie removed from organization. Trout launched his Permaculture Foundups on Patreon and funds and launches over 20 foundup initiatives. Develops idea of Foundups House. Launching "Bee Conservation" Foundup
    • 2014 His Bee foundup lands him on Animal Planet. Inspires/performs in Animal Planet show "Killerhornet from Hell." This leads to him in 2015 to play a producing role for EarthTouch's "Killerhornets" for Smithsonian in Japan. Develops Open Brands idea for foundups. 
    • 2016 June - DAO hacked. Trout sees opportunity and launched Foundups 2.0
    • 2016 September Trout rejects Olinga Taheed and Chandler Gou offer to invest $4m and raise $50 Foundups in exchange for control of brand.
    • 2016 December Trout is flown to South Africa rejects Kerzner International heir Brandon Kerzner's $5m offer to invest foundups provided he given full control. 
    • 2017 Team disbands and Trout spends the year rice farming in Japan. 
    • 2018 Trout develops Decentralized Autonomous Nonprofit Organization with their valuation based on Compounded Annual Benefit Rate (CABR) or Proof of Benefit. 

    Foundups are ideas for solving problems collectively owned by the People for the People. Trout envisions a world of DANOs. DANOs are not valuated by ROI; they only exist on the Blockchain and are measured by their Compounded Annual Benefit Rate or CABR that will be calculated by "The Noodle," a beneficial AI launching circa 2020.

  • The Real Pain Trout is Seeking to Solve

    Do you know that nearly every crisis can be linked to our "infinite" business model?

    Aw = seed DANO + Blockchain

    To usher in the new social capitalism paradigm we need to launch the first DANO or seed DANO.

    Mike Trout is in FL taking care of his ailing Dad

    Fact: we need immigrants! We do not have enough people to fill base level jobs. However, what we do not need are coyote drug mules, gang members or sex traffickers coming over our borders.   


    Join our community on on discord by going to www.foundups.org